Top 20 Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs Of All Time

September 11, 2018


Top 20 Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs Of All Time

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A player’s walk-up song can tell a lot about a player. Whether it’s heading on to the field to pitch or to bat, this is a song that really defines the player’s entrance. For some, the music helps pump them up.

It also helps to reach that extra mile which can certainly bring them the victory. For others, it’s simply a personal favorite song of theirs.

When it comes to baseball’s best players, however, we can really attribute the song.

All Yankees fans, and perhaps many others, know that Mariano Rivera and Metallica go hand in hand. There are others who have that same pull. This ranking is based on a variety of criteria.

Here’s a look at Last year best baseball walk-up songs:

Top 20 Best Walk-up Songs:

#1 Ryan Spilborghs: Livin’ on a Prayer

One of the most iconic songs of the 80s. This was sung by the great Bon Jovi was the jam of Ryan Spilborghs.  He may not be a part of Rockies anymore but he did leave behind a memorable entrance.

#2 Dustin Ackley: Simple Man

Dustin Ackley may be an unforgettable player of the Seattle Mariners. However, the thing more memorable than him was his walk-up song. He chose Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man to represent his talent and popularity.

#3 Josh Johnson: Down with the Sickness

Josh Johnson is one of the best pitchers from the Marlins. Josh Johnson has a perfectly odd song. The fans count it as one of their favorites.

#4 James Shields: Day N Nite

James Shields career took a great height when he switches to Kid Cudi`s Day N Nite. It stuck to the fans and became a favorite.

#5 Gordon Beckham: Seek and Destroy

Metallica is the base standard for walk-up songs. The song gives a really badass impression. This is especially true if you ever need a great kick for your career.

#6 Enter Sandman by Metallica

Mario Rivera is now just synonymous with this song. However, it was actually the decision of Yankee’s staff members to use this song as his walk-up

#7 I fought the Law by The Clash

It is a hyperactive song that stimulates the brain into singing along.

#8 Circle of Life (Lion King) by Carmen Twillie And Lebo M

A pretty unorthodox song but that Cespedes uses. However, he does it justice with his uncanny charm and the thrill which he brings to the field. This song is inspirational and a personal favorite for generations.

#9 Alex Rodriguez: Already Home

Jay-Z`s “Already Home” is one of the best walk-up songs in baseball. Alex Rodriquez who has steadily reached sports stardom.

#10 Anthony Rizzo: Can`t Stop

The Red Hot Chili Peppers took the mantle of providing the future of the Chicago Cubs with a kickass walk-up song. Moreover, Anthony Rizzo is a star and fans expect a star to have the best walk-up song. “Can`t Stop” does justice to his reputation.

#11 Paul Konerko: Harvester of Sorrow

Another Metallica song on the list shows that how much the songs hold greatness and potential for being a walk up songs for legendary players. So it is obvious that one of Metallica`s song become the representative of the Chicago White Sox`s star player, Paul Konerko.

#12 Nyjer Morgan: Wanna be Starting Something

Nyjer Morgan is a unique player and a staunch representative of the Milwaukee Brewers. So, it is expected that he choose a song from one of the biggest pop stars in the history of music. MJ`s Wanna be Something is a perfect match for Morgan`s personality.

#13 Jared Burton: Bad to the Bone

Even though Jared Burton is no legend. his choice of the song definitely made the Minnesota fans root for him.

#14 Mark Teixeira: I Wanna Rock

I Wanna Rock is a great choice for a walk up song due to its upbeat music. That is exactly what Mark was going for. An all-star all-rounder should have a theme song which pulls the crowd to its feet.

#15 Juan Pierre: Déjà vu

It is a baseball player`s responsibility to use the song he is mentioned in. Sung by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, this is the song is a shout out to Juan Pierre.

#16 Chris Peres: Firestarter

Firestarter by Prodigy gives perfect reference to Peres`s nickname “Pure Rage”. When you are known to fire up a game, this is definitely the song to go for.

#17 Lance Berkman: God`s Gonna Cut You Down

Johnny Cash`s may not be the first choice of baseball players as a walk-up song but it definitely seems to stick with Berkman.

#18 Torri Hunter: Luxury Tax

Rick Ross`s Luxury Tax is a fine song for a baseball player to make his entrance to. Hunter chose a perfect song for an entrance because it incorporates the game well.

#19 Trevor Cahil: White Rabbit

Trevor chose Jefferson Airplane`s White Rabbit because the song doesn’t almost immediately overwhelms the audience but slowly eases them in. This is the same way Cahil lures in his wins.

#20 Brian Wilson: Jump Around

House of Pain`s Jump Around perfectly captures Brian Wilson`s energy and attitude towards the game. The top closer has a great taste in music when it comes to beating his opponents.

Final Thoughts

In the end, these songs are a combination of picks from websites all across the Internet. While some of them are subjective, overall, they are choices that many people think are popular for a walk-up. The reason for a walk-up song is to entertain the fans and to create a mood for the game. Ultimately, all of the songs above can help create this mood.

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